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  • Acoustica

    Acoustica manufactures a range of noise barrier products, including a new range based on biodegradable visco elastic technology. It has many applications, including residential and commercial construction and marine – even sound protection from roads.

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  • B-Free

    B-free is the future of account keeping, as it is the only account keeping software that extracts every transaction from a designated bank account, and arranges them in various categories for an array of uses. There are 3 versions in the B-free product suite, all versions interact with internet banking, and are accessible on the web.

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  • B-Pods

    B-Pods Pty Ltd is an innovative Australian company dedicated to identifying and developing improved building systems and materials predominantly utilising fibre composite technology.

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  • BAC Advanced Composites Technologies

    BAC Advanced Composites Technologies (BAC) was formed to further the work in Fibre Composite design and manufacture that was developed by its sister company, Buchanan Advanced Composites. BAC has two ATS member technologies; the Fibre Composite Foldable Building and Mobile Intensive-Care Rescue Facility.

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  • Bellon

    Sydney-based Beltronics Longreach has developed an innovative suite of Ethernet Intercom products for condominiums, apartments and gated communities.

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