Clean Vehicles

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  • Blade Electric Vehicles

    The Blade Electric Vehicles (BEV) conversion technology has been used successfully to convert the Hyundai Getz to electric drive for government, business and private use. The Blade Runner is Regional Australia's first commercial electric car.

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  • Engineair

    The innovative technology can power a range of commercial vehicles, motor scooters, buses, boats, trains and even cars. The motor is suitable for stationary applications where safety is an issue, i.e. mining, and can drive genrators to produce electricity - all this can be powered by the sun.

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  • Envirotraction

    he Elecon System, designed and manufactured by Envirotraction Pty Ltd, uses this process to provide an efficient, cost-effective technology for all diesel engines.

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  • Solar Sailor

    Solar Sailor's unique "Hybrid Power System" (HPS) for marine applications is a world first with patents in USA, Australia, NZ and Turkey and pending in 22 other countries including China, Japan and Europe.

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