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  • Aerogenesis

    The Aerogenesis 5 kW wind turbine is the new standard in small wind turbines. It embodies two fundamental principles: the use of leading edge technology and a maximum of standard, reliable, but inexpensive components.

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  • Alternative Fuels and Energy

    Sun Lizard couples technology with nature to heat and cool homes, offices or industrial spaces. A roof-mounted metal box with angled baffles topped by low-iron glass, the Sun Lizard traps and harvests solar heat by exploiting nature's "greenhouse effect." Solar fans then deliver that heat through ducting to floor level outlet vents.

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  • Aquacell

    The Aquacell is an advanced membrane bioreactor system. It has been specifically designed to treat wastewater to a very high final quality which can be safely reused in a number of non-potable applications such as garden irrigation or toilet cisterns. Aquacell systems have capacities from 5kL/day to 1000kL/day.

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  • BioGill

    The BioGill wastewater treatment system harnesses the power of microorganisms to treat wastewater in an effective and eco-friendly way.

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  • Close the Loop Operations

    eWood™ is the revolutionary new plastic timber replacement product manufactured by Close the Loop Ltd (CtL), the largest recycler of print consumables in Australia. eWood was designed to deliver Close the Loop’s recycling policy of ‘zero waste to landfill’.

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