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Specialised Health Information Program (SHIP)

CaraData® specialises in the development of software solutions for the management and surveillance of sexual health, communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, reproductive health, needle and syringe, and occupational risk exposure. The Specialised Health Information Program (SHIP®) was first designed in 1992.

SHIP is a comprehensive, flexible, secure and complete electronic patient record system. Through its success and worldwide use SHIP has benefited more than 70 specialised health clinics. SHIP provides an extensive medical record, offering support to clinical and administrative staff assisting in the daily recording of patient information, test results, visits, treatments, and diagnosis. It can provide accurate information for reporting by Data Surveillance and Health Departments requirements.

In order to keep up with technology, SHIP has evolved to meet the requirements and guidelines set by local, state and federal governments. SMS messaging has been integrated into SHIP enabling clinics to send secure SMS text messages to clients informing them of their results, reminders for appointments and medications and allowing clients to access their results any time and from anywhere not just in clinic time.  

Benefits to clinics include reduced telephone traffic, staff time being used more efficiently and the number of missed appointments reduced. The gradual increase in the richness of the product’s functionality has enabled SHIP to become an important product in the medical and HIV/AIDS management market.

CaraData has extensive experience in converting sensitive information from other health solutions, enhancing the deployment of SHIP in any environment. CaraData’s latest product SHIPweb enables clinicians to access client information from outreach clinics. As clients often move from clinic to clinic, it is important for clinicians to access up-to-date client information when they visit outreach clinics. SHIPweb will expand the data sharing to link sexual health/HIV, family planning clinics and general practice for an agreed set of client data.