Imaging Technologies

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  • ASPECT Digital

    The main aim of Spatial Prototyping is to provide clearer representation, communication and understanding of the complexities of spaces and objects.

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  • Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

    Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is a radiopharmaceutical development company focused on compounds for use in medical imaging.

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  • ClickView

    ClickView utilises a school’s desktop, server and network infrastructure to create a fully-managed video content distribution and viewing system. Any video content that is stored on a server in the ClickView Digital Video Library can be accessed by students and teachers on any PC that is running the ClickView Player.

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  • CNC Teknix

    Any two or three dimensional object designed in a computer can now be produced as an end-product using a desk-mounted machine and a control system developed by CNC Teknix Pty Ltd.

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  • Cylo Technology

    Sydney-based company Cylo Technology is about to take the mouse plague to even greater proportions with an innovative take on the wireless mouse that allows true three-dimensional (3D) control.

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