Information Technology

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  • 12D Solutions

    12D Model from Australian company 12D Solutions Pty Ltd, allows civil engineers and surveyors to use their standard office PCs to crunch the numbers in a tenth of the time. 12D Model has been designed for use throughout the life of a project, from initial site investigation and concept design to construction and final quality checks.

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  • Accsoft Computer Technology

    BEE allows designers, writers and programmers to work independently of each other creating layout, content and applications. When these components are ready, the website is constructed to form the final concept. This assembly process can be achieved in just a couple of hours using a web browser.

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  • Agent Oriented Software

    Agent Oriented Software Pty Ltd (AOS) provides a number of advanced products using the innovative technology of intelligent software agents.

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  • Aleis International

    Aleis International systems started in 1998 as the inspiration of John and Dorothy Finlayson, and today, there is the second generation Finlayson’s in the senior team working in R&D breaking new ground in design and functions for livestock readers, manufacturing and sales.

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  • Amethon Solutions

    Mobile Analytics from Amethon helps operators make sense of consumer behaviour by providing information about which sites and services they are using. By understanding their consumers’ engagement of the mobile internet, operators can create new services to increase their share of revenue beyond simply charging for the application.

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