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  • Battlefield Sports

    The game of Battlefield LIVE uses patent-pending gaming guns to run mock missions in forest or urban environments. The gaming guns have authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash but no projectile. The gaming guns are 100 per cent portable, weatherproof, and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

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  • Epiphany Games

    The Avian Terrain Engine developed by Epiphany Games enables digital games developers to edit ‘terrain’ on-the-fly within the games engine, making the creation of games levels significantly faster.

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  • iPowow!

    iPowow enables broadcasters and other content owners to easily interact with audience members and gather feedback using smartphones and the Internet. Its real-time nature means content owners can receive and display feedback from consumers almost instantly.

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  • Micro Forte

    The most advanced online gaming solution that solves issues such as bandwidth limitations, load balancing and level of detail seen on the screen has been developed by Micro Forte. This technology allows millions of players to be in the same game space or world at same time regardless of their bandwidth connections.

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  • MyCyberTwin

    MyCyberTwin uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to enable organisations to create sophisticated virtual assistants (also called chat robots) for advanced customer support and entertainment purposes.

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