Sensor Technologies

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  • Aleis International

    Aleis International systems started in 1998 as the inspiration of John and Dorothy Finlayson, and today, there is the second generation Finlayson’s in the senior team working in R&D breaking new ground in design and functions for livestock readers, manufacturing and sales.

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  • Clarinox Technologies

    ClarinoxBlue from Clarinox is available for a range of desktop and embedded environments including Windows, Windows CE, Linux, embedded Linux, RTOS and Symbian. It differentiates itself from other protocol stack vendors by the simplified Application Interfaces (APIs), plain language diagnostic information.

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  • Cryosite

    Cryobyte is a comprehensive information management system that provides a complete inventory of sample data, remote data entry and control, full data searching capability, on-line real-time and historical temperature records, and all user information.

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  • Detection Systems

    Package Content Inspection System (PCIS) looks inside sealed orderly packs to ensure their contents are correct. They are an invaluable production line tool for improving product quality, increasing production line efficiency, reducing customer complaints and thereby increasing profit.

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  • Dynamic Hearing

    Dynamic Hearing's core technology, ADRO™, is the world's first wide dynamic range optimiser. Using the power of DSP, ADRO carries out sophisticated analysis and implements fuzzy logic rules to continuously optimise the output so that sounds remain audible and comfortable, even in the most difficult of listening situations.

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