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  • Argus Solutions

    Argus Solutions’ patented Cornerstone software is a centralised identity management engine that handles the enrolment and recognition of individuals and provides functions such as access control, time capture and asset management.

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  • Bio Recognition Systems

    Radiofrequency fingerprint scanning is the cornerstone of Bio Recognition Systems' (BRS) innovative BioScan™ technology for personal identification.

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  • Biometix

    Performix from Biometix is a comprehensive, vendor-independent and easy-to-use analysis and management system that helps operators balance these needs through a software toolkit that can fine-tune system parameters to deliver optimal performance, reducing both errors and cost.

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  • Chip Development

    The CeOS System provides a new operating philosophy in the areas of flexibility, ease of system operation and implementation for the processing of task requirements, with a means of programming the entire system from a computer or a number of computers via a LAN, WAN or Internet.

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  • Cocoon Data Holdings Limited

    Secure Objects technology combines encryption, authentication, rights management and auditing into a single platform in securing files for storage or transmission. Encrypted Secure Objects can also be safely stored within cloud computing services.

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